The Pell Grant amount across the board has been increased, resulting in more and more students receiving a larger proportion of Pell Grant aid. Good news to every prospective college student who is thinking about becoming eligible for the Pell Grant. There is an insertion of over a billion dollars of new capital into the Pell Grant program of the government.

Federal Pell Grant Eligibility EFC now extends to a second award within the year for a summer session. It will be convenient if you can use the Pell grant calculator to find out what this award will be if the number of credit hours is different from your first award. The EFC recalculations made last April are still in effect.

Pell grant eligibility is about demonstrating the appropriate level of financial need in accordance to satisfying the list of Pell Grant specific, and general federal student aid requirements. Pell Grant is designed to benefit students who exemplify an “exceptional” financial need.

Pell Grants help approximately about 5.4 million full- and part-time college and vocational school students nationally. A Student with a family income of up to $60,000 can be eligible for a Pell Grant. But most Pell awards are given to students with family incomes below $30,000.

How much is the Pell Grant Amount? In 2010-2011, the grants range from $555 to $5,550. The average grant in 2009-2010 was approximately $3,593. Grants may be used in almost all college institutions. The financial aid administrators can decide whether the institution is eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program.


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