If you know that your Pell Grant Eligibility EFC is not a problem and you meet the qualifications then you can start figuring out what you can get. The EFC recalculations made last April are still in effect, such as:

  • EFC of between 4618 and 5273 and whose Cost of Attendance is equal to or greater than $5,550
  • The smaller amount for students whose Cost of Attendance is less than $5,550

It is the schools financial aid officers that set the student’s cost of attendance and they can do adjustments with the financial aid award to possibly increase your pell amounts. And likewise determine if you are meeting the Pell grant requirements, so as to conveniently continue getting awards every year.

To determine your Pell grant eligibility you need to complete the FAFSA or Free Application for federal Student aid which is the only pell grant application needed to become eligible. Here is a listing of information to determine EFC.

  • Student’s Income
  • Parents’ Income
  • Household Size
  • Number of Family Members Attending Postsecondary Institutions

Pell Grants is based on financial and that financial need is a product of the following equation:

Financial Need= Cost of Attendance (COA)- Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Students can be awarded with Pell Grants for undergraduate study until they complete a baccalaureate degree.

What are the Pell Grant Eligibility EFC?

  • Have financial need.
  • Have a high school diploma, and GED.
  • Be a US citizen, permanent resident or other eligible classification of non-citizen
  • Have a valid Social Security number.
  • Make Satisfactory Academic Progress for Federal student Aid Programs.


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